When retail gets creative


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8 décembre 2016

It’s high time to reinvent the shopping experience and find new ways to connect with the customer. This is what happens when you don’t limit your imagination. Take a look at this French experience.

Wheat fields on the Place Vendôme

Paris place Vendome bles Chanel

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25 octobre 2016

I took this picture in July in Paris. The weather was not particularly nice, as you can see

My Papuan adventures: going back to the roots.

PNG Ambunti Crocodile festival tribeswoman

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4 septembre 2016

I have recently travelled to PNG (Papua New Guinea) and the experience was so extraordinary that I decided that I would write this post, even though this might be a bit off track from the usual articles I publish. But I guess there is logic in that as, in hindsight, it’s also quite consistent with the philosophy of this blog…which is to veer off the beaten track!

A mini Modern Flâneurs’ Guide to Port Moresby

Port Moresby Yacht Club

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If you happen to have to stay in Port Moresby for whatever reason being business or leisure, here is a quick guide to the city.

Port Moresby is a dangerous city, the statistics and the regular incidents are there as a cruel reminder of this fact.

Fairbairn, fashion from the heart

Fairbairn Sydney

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14 juin 2016

I recently flaneured in Paddington, an inner city suburb in eastern Sydney. Leisurely browsing the windows of the hip shops on William Street (which in a long-ago lifetime were quaint Victorian terrace homes), I entered a women’s fashion shop called Fairbairn, drawn in by its soothing vibe.
The décor is serene, I immediately felt at home. The cleanly-cut clothes had a timeless elegance, which I love.

A weekend at the 20th Biennale of Sydney

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3 juin 2016

My last stay in Sydney coincided with the 20th Biennale.

I was super excited to uncover this event and to see the city celebrating contemporary art at its best.

Wearable art in Sydney: SKARFE.


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31 mai 2016

When I was flaneuring in Potts Point, Sydney, I spotted this little jewel of a shop: SKARFE! His owner, Brad McGlashan, has a passion for art and… scarves. So he merged both for our greater pleasure. Don’t wait any longer to discover his creations!

A taste of Belgrade: try Marina Bogdanovic’s pogacice recipe


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8 avril 2016

Pogacice is a Serbian puffy pastry with feta cheese. This is one of the typical recipes that Serbian girls learn from their grandmothers. It is usually served with an aperitif but can also be nibbled throughout the day. Marina has adapted the original recipe to match the spirit of her cuisine. Bon appétit!   To make… View Article

Flaneuring in Adelaide

Street art in Adelaide, Australia

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17 février 2016

I’ve recently spent a couple of days in Adelaide and thought it would be nice to share with you my flaneuring into the city even though I don’t pretend to « know » the place after such a short stay.

So consider this a sort of Mini Flâneur Guide.

A taste of the Tbilisi fashion scene

Lika Chitaia

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30 octobre 2015

Travel to Georgia, on the south-eastern edge of Europe, and encounter raw nature, rich cultural heritage, complex cuisine and wines that reflect a long, complicated history including periods under Persian and Russian rule. But when it comes to fashion, it gets a bit confusing. Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia, as well as its largest city. Modern Flâneurs Tbilisi insider, Daria, investigates what its designers are up to, and shares their opinions about the industry.

Manifesto for a modern flâneur – Why is it vital to become a modern flâneur?

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3 octobre 2015

We all live hectic lives.

We’ve got overbooked agendas with meetings to attend, reports to write, people to meet. We juggle to keep equilibrium between our business and private lives. When we travel for business, we rarely see beyond the airports, hotels and meeting rooms.

We’re always connected, always on.

There are so many reasons, good or bad,that force us to act like hamsters running on a wheel.

But what if we occasionally stopped running? What if we slowed down – just a bit – to soak up some of the life around us? Observing our surroundings, questioning and sampling them could be a pause that refreshes, leaving us recharged, reconnected, and inspired.

What if we adopted a flâneur attitude?


My selection of 15 craftspeople from the Victorian Craft Award

Victorian Craft Award 2015

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12 août 2015

The works of 116 Victorian craftspeople in the framework of the Victorian Craft Award are currently being exhibited across 4 venues in Melbourne. 

This biennal event organised by Craft Victoria, aims at celebrating emerging, mid-career and established craftspeople across the state of Victoria, Australia.

 Prizes have already been awarded by a professional jury but this week, the People’s Choice Award will be granted.

Extend your business trip: 6 Spa hotels to try in Georgia

Kvareli Eden Hotel

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3 août 2015

Daria has just returned from a survey trip in the lake region of her beautiful country of Georgia. She tested there some great spa hotels so that you can add some « bleisure » to your travel trip. How mind relaxing it is to enjoy a nice massage along the shore of a gorgeous mountain lake just 2 hours away from the capital city of Tbilisi? Here are some good tips for that.

Comptoir 102: two French women rock the retail experience in Dubai

Emmanuelle Sawko and Alexandra de Montaudouin in Comptoir 102, Dubai

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12 juin 2015

We know Dubai for its extravagant real estate like The Palm, The World, and the soaring Burj Khalifa. It’s also a shopaholic’s heaven, offering everything imaginable to catch the eye and impress.

Quintessential Serbian design – Meet Milica Zivadinovic


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11 juin 2015

Mina presents her long-time friend, Milica, whose jewel design epitomises the spirit of the Serbian culture.

Shams El Balad Cafe: food from the heart. A new organic restaurant in Amman


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14 avril 2015

A wave of green concepts is currently unfolding throughout Jordan. Here and there, new initiatives are being launched like eco-hotels, farmers’ markets, upcyling…

Jordanians are getting conscious about the need for sustainability and the importance of eating well.

Talking about food, we took a closer look at the latest endeavor of Hazem Malhas: Shams El Balad, a new organic restaurant in Amman.

Our Eye in Amman, Natacha, met him to know more about the philosophy of this entrepreneur, the restaurant and his other future projects.

When packing is a real chore: 4 tools to help you pack more easily.


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5 avril 2015

I don’t know if you feel the same, but packing for a trip has always been a nightmare for me.

With the stupidly severe regulations on liquids AND the ever tighter rules on the luggage weight the airline companies are inflicting on us, it’s getting worse and worse.

Sleepless in Melbourne: tale of a White Night

White Night Melbourne 2015

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25 février 2015

Last Saturday was the third edition of the White Night event in Melbourne.

The weather was incredibly hot (over 30°C) for the end of the summer but this did not deter the crowds that flock to the city en masse: around 500,000 people gathered to walk the streets of the city center !

Contemporary art in Amman: Darat al Funun exhibits the works of Emily Jacir

Darat al Funun

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4 février 2015

As a foretaste of our forthcoming page on Amman, we introduce you to the most beautiful heritage building there, one which is currently housing an exhibition of the art of Emily Jacir. A story by our correspondent in Amman, Ilse Luyten.

When art becomes part of the Guest experience : 7 hotels to discover.

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31 décembre 2014

First there were boutique and design hotels, which we were all mad about.

Now that the concept has become rather mainstream and sometimes copied without the taste and the soul of the original ones, hoteliers are looking for the next big thing.

And this might well be art hotels.

Shining a Light on Five Contemporary Moroccan Artists.

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2 décembre 2014

Contemporary Morocco is currently being celebrated in Paris in a remarkable exhibition entitled “Le Maroc Contemporain,” at the Institut du Monde Arabe.  

This is the perfect opportunity to shine a light on this little-known aspect of Morocco.

Advent calendars, only for the kids? Not anymore! I have selected 5 just for us.

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15 novembre 2014

We have finally reached that time of the year when we countdown to Christmas.

What a pleasure (or a chore…) to think about all the preparation for the event: the Christmas tree, the decorations, the diner menu, the well-wrapped gifts under the tree and… the advent calendar to tick off the days that separate us from the ultimate date.


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11 novembre 2014

Elegance and grace is not something you can’t buy in the store, no matter how much budget you have. Being truly elegant and stylish comes from within, but I guess you already know that. Maya Negri is of of those women who’s natural beauty and allure shines out for mils and this fact made her one of the most respected female designers in Israel. This year is the 10th anniversary of her brand and I thought this will be the perfect time to share her new collection with you, so here goes…

Contemporary Music in Vienna

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4 octobre 2014

I am very eclectic when in comes to music. I can listen to (almost) anything. You might say I really love music in every way, with a particular penchant for blues, jazz and rock ’n roll.
So I needed to know what was going on in terms of music in contemporary Vienna.

We managed to uncover the « Sacher Torte » recipe!

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We managed to uncover the « Sacher Torte » recipe!