Elegance and grace is not something you can’t buy in the store, no matter how much budget you have. Being truly elegant and stylish comes from within, but I guess you already know that. Maya Negri is of of those women who’s natural beauty and allure shines out for mils and this fact made her one of the most respected female designers in Israel. This year is the 10th anniversary of her brand and I thought this will be the perfect time to share her new collection with you, so here goes…

This winter collection is a mix between the classic Maya Negri cuts and some big global trends like this camouflage dress and wide lapel wool coat, nothing too heavy of course as the winter around here is like autumn in most places.

Every winter needs an injection of color (said the girl who’s wearing black 12 months a year) but these electric blue shorts and trousers can and will make your winter wardrobe a little bit less gloomy.

Maya Negri

Another vivid splash of color, this time this oriental style jacket, and guess what there is a matching dress!

More leather and a bit more army chic, this season Maya added more textures and used inspirations from nature, exploring up close elements like leaves and butterflies wings.

maya negri

Can’t finish this post without mentioning the amazing trench coat and the use of silver printing in this collection. The metallic element is a strong one this season and it’s adding an edge to Maya’s latest creations.

Maya negri

Thanks Maya for another wonderful presentation, and Mark Goldenberg for the creative direction and for making some XS pieces with me in mind!!


Photos by Yaniv Edry, Styling: Simon Elmalam, Models: Natalie Idelman and Noam Frost.



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