When retail gets creative


It’s high time to reinvent the shopping experience and find new ways to connect with the customer. This is what happens when you don’t limit your imagination. Take a look at this French experience.

Last July, I was rushing out from a meeting in Paris in the Sentier, when I bumped into this cute shop on a tricycle.

As it turned out, NOIR GAAZOL is a quite innovative concept combining online shopping with an original off-line experience. It’s a concept store on wheels!

Not only do they hit the road by trike to meet their clients, as on the picture, but they also have what they call their « road shop » which is basically a truck converted into a concept store (the « gaazol » in their name refers to the gas oil used for the truck!).

The range of items they sell is not very wide but fun & witty.

When creativity reinvents customer experience!


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