Quintessential Serbian design – Meet Milica Zivadinovic


Mina presents her long-time friend, Milica, whose jewel design epitomises the spirit of the Serbian culture.

My friendship with Milica, a painter and arts historian, began in our hometown Belgrade. By the end of 90’s she moved to Paris where she studied Contemporary Art and received a PhD in Esthetics, Art Science and Technology.

Milica is above all, a painter whose exhibitions can be seen in many European countries but her latest achievement is a jewellery collection named MITSI. Each miniature work of art is mounted on a pendant, a pair of earrings or a bracelet, each one unique and hand crafted in her Paris studio with great precision and care. She works with gold and silver plated materials. Her collection is mainly inspired by Serbian traditional motifs dating back hundreds of years. The Contemporary use of traditional designs is what makes this collection unique. It features bold design, bright colours and powerful simplicity.


mitsi by Milica ZIVADINOVIC mitsi by Milica ZIVADINOVIC mitsi by Milica ZIVADINOVIC


Milica found inspiration in the beautiful ornamental motifs of Serbian medieval monasteries still sheltering today the most beautiful Byzantine influences frescoes, masterpieces of religious pictorial art of the Middle Ages. In her new collection, we can also observe pieces inspired by spiritual and mystical imagery combined with cosmic themes and expressive brushwork which can also be found in her paintings.



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