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Having had the chance to roam the globe from early in my life, I cannot remember a time I have not loved to travel and explore, entranced by the promise of discovery.

I’m from Belgium, the heart of Europe, have lived 4 years in the Middle East (Jordan) and am currently living in Australia (Melbourne).



I adore planning trips; searching out the perfect hotel or restaurant, the upbeat, beautiful café and the boutiques hidden away off the beaten track. I’m always on the hunt for the great concept, edgy designer, innovative brand or must-see exhibition that will broaden my vision, foster my creativity and inspire my mind.



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As an entrepreneur myself who has been coaching entrepreneurs in their businesses for more than 20 years, I know that we all need to take time to step back and see beyond that which is right in front of us.

I enjoy the benefits of being a flâneur. It nourishes my soul and my creativity. In my work, it’s paramount for me to be on the cutting-edge, to keep up with new market trends and be at the forefront of new concepts and thinking.

When I travel alone, I often feel a void, mostly in the evenings when there is no one to share with me the discovery of a place.

It’s my hope that in building this community and filling it with resources to connect you to one another, fuel your creativity, help you find some space to grow and allow you learn and experience the art of flânerie, that you will share in my wonder of the world around us.

Enjoy taking the time to explore here with us and out in the world.

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