Our philosophy


The Modern Flâneur


As entrepreneurs, we need to be creative. We must be agile, able to adapt to new circumstances and have an understanding of what’s going on in the world at large.

We must be Modern Flâneurs.


The French art of flânerie is an attitude of curiosity. It’s about actively wandering; searching for what we don’t know, looking for the unexpected, choosing to see that which is beyond our immediate worldview. It’s a freedom of spirit that will enrich your life and your business.


The philosophy originally took on importance in 19th century in France in the context of the industrial revolution.

Baudelaire called it the “gastronomy of the eye”.

The attitude of the flâneur was somewhat rebellious – something vital in order to keep a poetic, passionate and human view of the world when everything was becoming more rational.


Today we’re experiencing another kind of revolution. The omnipresence of digital technology that’s impacting our world makes the  concept of the “flâneur” even more relevant if we want to maintain our humanity and survive the hectic life we live.


Modern Flâneurs is a resource to help you, Wandering Entrepreneur, adopt an attitude of flânerie wherever you go in the world.


As a Modern Flâneur, taking the time to wander when you travel allows for the opportunity to see new concepts, understand new cultures, find headspace to solve a problem or stumble upon a new idea.


It’s also a resource to help you find what you need when you travel. Whether it’s a hotel, a restaurant, a boutique or even a hairdresser.

We offer advice on safety and the culture of doing business in different cities.

We want to connect you to others like you and even help you find the perfect place to take some time for yourself and recharge so you can find renewed energy and inspiration to do what you love.


This resource is built for you.

We hope you enjoy Modern Flâneurs and will help us develop it into something useful and true to Wandering Entrepreneurs everywhere.


Don’t hesitate to add your comments, suggestions and advice.


Join the Movement of Modern Flâneurs.



How we choose our places.


At WE, we don’t just pick places at random or because they look nice.

We focus on their history, the story behind them, how they fit within the culture of the city they call home.


There are various factors that make a place great when you are travelling abroad.

You might want somewhere that feels like home after a long and busy day. Or a vibrant, buzzing place where you can immerse yourself in local culture.


Whatever you’re looking for, all of the places and products we recommend are chosen based on these criteria:


  • Aesthetics & style

  • Innovation & creativity

  • Classic chic

  • Places with soul

  • Exceptional service

  • Craftsmanship

  • Authenticity

  • Sustainability

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