When packing is a real chore: 4 tools to help you pack more easily.


I don’t know if you feel the same, but packing for a trip has always been a nightmare for me.

With the stupidly severe regulations on liquids AND the ever tighter rules on the luggage weight the airline companies are inflicting on us, it’s getting worse and worse.

Preparing the perfect suitcase can quickly becoming a horror show… How many pairs of shoes will I take? Shoes weigh tons… What kind of outfit: business of course, but then also some casual too. And what if I have to attend a party?

What about the skin care products that you can’t put in your hand luggage anymore. Oh and I was about to forget the exercising gear to stay in shape!

So let’s call creativity, technology and innovation to the rescue.

Here are some tools that might help us. Some are available right now while others are still a bit futuristic.


  1. PackPoint – travel packing list

If you’re the kind who makes list, this might come in handy. It’s a free App you can download from the Appstore that helps you make your packing list according to your destination, the local weather, the type of activities you intend to do and the length of your stay.


Nothing very complicated but once a list has been created, you can reuse it for another trip. You can even create a list for others and email, text message, Twitter or even Facebook it to them. It’s better than the other travel list Apps available but I feel they could add some other features though. Let’s see how they evolve.


  1. Packnada – Luggage free travel

Just leave your clothes behind in your hotel room and your wardrobe travels without you. Packnada will take care of the cleaning and delivery to your next destination. All you have to do is hop on the plane. You don’t have to care about anything else.


  1. Print your travel essentials once you have arrived at your destination

This is surely the most revolutionary. No need to pack anymore! Thanks to 3D printing and Janne Kyttanen, the Finnish designer, you get your suitcase contents (bags, shoes, clothes and accessories) by email and you print your items in your hotel room. OK the style might not appeal to everybody and might not be quite suitable for your next business meeting, but this is a great idea we look forward to being developed further.

“The lost luggage kit” by Janne Kyttanen is the picture featured at the beginning of this article.


  1. TUL: the suitcase with a built-in scale


It’s a very interesting project that was presented on Kickstarter this September. The subscription has just closed down this Monday but unfortunately, it did not manage to get enough backers to launch the mass production. Therefore, I don’t know whether we will one day have the chance to benefit from this. This is really bad news because it could solve lots of pains like trying to weigh our suitcase while standing on the home scale, having to pay exorbitant fee for extra luggage at the airport because your home scale was not accurate,… It is really something we need, don’t you think?


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