Advent calendars, only for the kids? Not anymore! I have selected 5 just for us.

We have finally reached that time of the year when we countdown to Christmas.

What a pleasure (or a chore…) to think about all the preparation for the event: the Christmas tree, the decorations, the diner menu, the well-wrapped gifts under the tree and… the advent calendar to tick off the days that separate us from the ultimate date.

We are so used to see that calendar filled with candies and chocolate that we may not even think of eating (due to our perpetual diets) and anyway, it’s for the kids’ pleasure!

Right. But let’s rejoice! Some clever houses have thought about us and devised the perfect advent calendars, just for us. Because, like some say, “nous le valons bien!” (we’re so worth it!)

I have selected those that pleased me the most.

Unfortunately, this might come a bit too late for this year as most of them were limited editions and were very quickly sold out. But I could not resist to share this information with you and who knows, you might still be lucky!



The most elegant: Jo Malone

christmas-calendar-Jo Malone

With its sleek design and its hidden treasures, this might be one of the most coveted. What’s inside? Various colognes and body lotions. It’s a first time for the brand. It’s also the most expensive: £250.


The edgiest selection : Liberty


Adorned with the distinctive Liberty’s design (one of my favourite store on earth), this calendar is full of small luxuries from Kiehls, Diptyque, Nars, Laura Mercier and … some Liberty’s soap. £149.


The most couture: Selfridges


A beautiful box with products from the best biggest beauty brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Victor & Rolf,… £85.


The funniest: Benefit


Everybody knows the brand for its off-beat approach to beauty. Now you can discover its best sellers all around December. £60


And, last but not least, The French one: L’Occitane


calendrier-de-l-avent-l-occitane-et-my-little Paris

There had to be a French one in this selection. And it is ‘Oh so French’. The famous French brand L’Occitane partnered with ‘My Little Paris’, the also famous travel guide on Paris for this so cute edition. 35€


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