When retail gets creative

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It's high time to reinvent the shopping experience and find new ways to connect with the customer. This is what happens when you don't limit your imagination. Take a look at this French experience.

Fairbairn Sydney

Fairbairn, fashion from the heart

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I recently flaneured in Paddington, an inner city suburb in eastern Sydney. Leisurely browsing the windows of the hip shops on William Street (which in a long-ago lifetime were quaint Victorian terrace homes), I entered a women’s fashion shop called Fairbairn, drawn in by its soothing vibe. The décor is serene, I immediately felt at home. The cleanly-cut clothes had a timeless elegance, which I love.


Wearable art in Sydney: SKARFE.

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When I was flaneuring in Potts Point, Sydney, I spotted this little jewel of a shop: SKARFE! His owner, Brad McGlashan, has a passion for art and... scarves. So he merged both for our greater pleasure. Don't wait any longer to discover his creations!

Lika Chitaia

A taste of the Tbilisi fashion scene

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Travel to Georgia, on the south-eastern edge of Europe, and encounter raw nature, rich cultural heritage, complex cuisine and wines that reflect a long, complicated history including periods under Persian and Russian rule. But when it comes to fashion, it gets a bit confusing. Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia, as well as its largest city. Modern Flâneurs Tbilisi insider, Daria, investigates what its designers are up to, and shares their opinions about the industry.


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Elegance and grace is not something you can’t buy in the store, no matter how much budget you have. Being truly elegant and stylish comes from within, but I guess you already know that. Maya Negri is of of those women who’s natural beauty and allure shines out for mils and this fact made her one of the most respected female designers in Israel. This year is the 10th anniversary of her brand and I thought this will be the perfect time to share her new collection with you, so here goes…