Austrian cuisine with a twist


Universitätsring 2 - website

This restaurant has it all: great atmosphere, great food, great service and great décor. It is located in the vestibule of Vienna’s Burgtheater (also called he « Burg »). Hence its name… It is run by the Chef Christian Domschitz, whom you’ll probably see chatting with some patrons. The cuisine is based on fresh seasonal ingredients and traditional recipes to which the Chef gives a modern twist. The place is in vogue, so don’t forget to book! Just a warning: the website address leads you to a choice between Vestibül and Hansen. If Vestibül is fully booked, don’t go for Hansen. You would think that they have the same quality in terms of food and décor but that’s not the case at all, though it’s also located in an interesting place : the basement of Vienna’s stock exchange building.