The Dead Sea

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No where else in the world: a very unique experience


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The Dead Sea is only 40 minutes from Amman. It’s located at 400m below sea level, which makes, about a 1.250 to 1.300m drop when coming from Amman. The views going there are spectacular and the place delivers an exceptional experience.

Floating on the Dead Sea (you can’t properly swim as the salt concentration is so high!) is a must do once in a lifetime, all the more because it’s continuously receding.

The beauty and healing properties of the water combined with the mud are well known. Hence a relaxing, beauty stay. Perfect for a day or a weekend. There is a public beach but I strongly recommend against it. Most of the hotels give you access to their beach for a day fee and you can then have all the facilities (towels, showers,…) of the hotels. If you intend to go for a day, choose the Mövenpick hotel. Their adult pool has great view of the sea and they have a very nice spa (said to be one of the best in Jordan).

 For a weekend, I prefer the stylish Kempinski hotel (pictures). They don’t give access for the day or else, you have to take a room for the day, which then becomes really expensive…

They have a superb spa and 4 pools, 3 of them being fantastic (the lower pool is more for the kids). For the rooms, you have a choice. Either those in the main building which are huge and with a contemporary (a smidge cold) feel and super luxury bathrooms. Or those by the “river pool,” which are smaller but cozier and closer to the action. Book the restaurant by the lower pool for dinner. The food is Italian. It’s simple though nice, but the experience of dining by the pool along the Dead Sea is brilliant.

And for those interested, you can also visit the Baptism site nearby, a place of Christian pilgrimage, where Jesus is said to have been baptized. It’s very close (10 to 15 minutes by car). The visit takes about one hour and a half.


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