The Citadel

  • The Citadel Amman

The beacon of the capital city

The highest hill of Amman hosts the Citadel, a site where all sorts of civilization settled since the Iron Age.

Mainly go for the exceptional 360° view on the city! If you are there during prayer time, you’ll hear all Amman’s Muaddins calling at the same time. Impressive!

They have an old museum on the site but the pieces are being transferred to the Jordan Museum (see tip): that’s where the best pieces are beautifully displayed.

From there, you will see Amman’s Roman theatre. There’s no need to go there unless you have a thing for folk dresses: there is a tiny (old and dusty) museum at the bottom of the theatre featuring folk clothing and traditional jewellery from Jordan and Palestine. But then again, for this, you’d better head to a new museum that has just opened and that features Palestinian and Arab dresses in a much better environment (see our tip « Tiraz »).


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