Saint Charles Apotheke

Herbal cosmetics and apothecary


Gumpendorfer Straße 30 - website

Coming from a lineage of pharmacists, with Alfred Blumenthal as founder in 1886, the current owner specializes in traditional, plant-based pharmaceuticals. He also developed a line of herbal cosmetics & food supplements in vogue with the hip Viennese crowd and beyond (they also have a store in Berlin and coming soon an online store). They have 2 outlets in front of one another: one is the apothecary (Apotheke) and the other one is dedicated to the cosmetics (Cosmothecary). Besides their own brand, they also sell other well-know organic cosmetic brands. I bought the body lotion « N 48° 11′ 56 »/E 16° 21′ 30 » Bon Voyage »: it’s very light with a delicious lavender scent but truly moisturizing. It’s a sheer pleasure.  I love the look of their products: a revisited ancient pharmacy feel. They also have a treatment space and also a very small organic restaurant though this last part did not impress me much.


Also recommended by Astrid Harz


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