Miscellaneous that will ease your day


  • From the airport, you can take the City Airport Train (CAT). The train runs every 30 min and the ride takes 16 minutes. It’s easier to buy your tickets online on the CAT website  as you can then jump on the train and lose no time. Otherwise there are hostesses selling tickets where you take the train. When traveling back with Austrian airlines, you can check-in your luggage directly at the City Airport terminal (inside the station Wien Mitte). This service is also available for customers traveling with other companies but you have to check on their website as they constantly add new companies they are offering the service to.
  • Trams are convenient too. The single journey cost 2,20€ and you can pay on the tram thanks to a vending machine (automat) but be sure to have coins. You can also get a day card but, frankly, it will cost you more as most of the time, you will walk. That’s the best way to discover the city and it’s not that big.


The largest general hospital is the Allgemeines Krankenhaus der Stadt Wien, or AKH located on Währinger Gürtel 18-20 in the Alsergrung Bersik (or quarter).


Call 144 on any phone (including cell phones) for the ambulance service