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casual eating with a billion dollar view


Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point - Opera Kitchen website

You won’t go there for the food. They offer burgers, sushi, dim-sum; nice but not noteworthy.

However, there is no better view in town (for this price at least!) with the Opera House on one side (you’re actually at the foot of it) and the bridge on the other.

You can opt to begin your evening with a drink there (or at any time of day, in fact). It is a pure pleasure to soak in the view and realize that you finally made it to Sydney!

One tiny problem: beware the omnipresent seagulls who try to steal your meal (but not your drink!):

It’s always packed, a tad touristy, but so easy to find a seat as people come and go all day/night long.

Another way to get a great dining view of the Opera House is the Michelin-starred restaurant Quay, just opposite. Sometimes cruise boats dock alongside the quay, blocking the view. Not so nice to drop a lot of money on a (perfect!) meal only to have a boat block the scenery. So If you head to Quay hungry for the view, be sure to ask whether there will be a boat there at the time of your booking. And book early!

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