Djerdap National Park

  • Djerdap natural parc, the Iron Gate

A culturally rich National Park, 2 hours away from Belgrade

The National Park Djerdap is situated in the North East of Serbia, along the border with Romania where the Danube is at its deepest and narrowest. Djerdap is one of the most beautiful national parks in Europe and is under the protection of UNESCO.

An impressive culture of prehistoric man was developed on the banks of the Danube during the Neolithic Age. It was situated at the site of Lepenski Vir. Many different civilisations have been present in the area. In Roman times numerous settlements and fortifications were built on the banks of Danube.

Must see in Djerdap


The archaeological site of Lepenski Vir.

Sculptures representing fishlike human heads made of rounded rocks were built around fireplaces. Later on, these sculptures took the appearance of human figures.

Lepenski vir


The Tabula Traiana is an inscription engraved into a rock beside the Danube in the Djerdap Gorge, dedicated to the Roman emperor Trajan. This plaque was originally located above the Roman road by the Danube. In the late sixties, the plaque, together with part of the road, were dug out and transported to a higher level in order to protect it from the increased water levels.

Tabula Traina


Golubac fortress is located on the Danube is situated 130 km from Belgrade. It looks like a city by the sea as the Danube is almost six kilometres wide here. Seated on the cliffs of the Danube, the 14th century Golubac fortress is one of the benchmarks of this region. Prince, Stefan Lazarevic, built the fortress at this precise spot in order to control river navigation. This impressive structure has nine towers and it is said that it was sold to the Turks. The fortress is under state protection and is a symbol of Serbia’s cultural heritage.

Golubac Fortress


Hotels & restaurants near Golubac (Djerdap)


Vila Dunavski Raj (or Villa Danube Paradise) is located in a beautiful environment, only 400m away from coast of the Danube. Golden pine forest and clean air from Carpathian Mountains make this place very restful. The restaurant of the hotel serves traditional grill specialties and local cuisine, and features a spacious summer terrace surrounded by the greenery. The rooms are simple but pleasant.

Vila Dunavski Raj


Villa Dincic. The restaurant of the Family Dincic has been famous for a decade,but now, they also offer accommodation in a very nice villa (but expect « simple » rooms). The apartments and restaurant are located near the Silver lake (Srebrno jezero) and surrounded by pine trees.
The restaurant offers local cuisine with a wide selection of Serbian specialities.

vila restaurant Dincic