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Kohlmarkt 14  - website

I am crazy about their chocolate creations ! Not only the quality is excellent (tell me about it, I’m Belgian!) but their chefs are real artists when it comes to create little subjects in chocolate. Then, you have the packaging ! I just love their « Langues de chat » (cat’s tongues !) : their boxes are so cute ! It’s rather expensive but I’m sure you’ll find there the perfect gift to take back home. And even if you don’t buy anything, just go there to have a look at their window displays : they are magic ! They change according to the season or an event. For instance, when there was an exhibition of Fabergé eggs at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, they made a big Fabergé egg that could easily compete with the real one (except for the size !).

You can also have a coffee there and taste one of their tasty pastries. Demel was founded in 1786.



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