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When walking on the street, you will hardly notice it. A window, a small patio and a blue door that gives access to the bookstore. Climb the stairs at the back of the store and you’ll discover the place. It’s made of different rooms, some outside, others not. Some have a 60’s vibe. Great atmosphere. Open all day long for casual food like a pizza and a beer (yes, they serve alcohol in this one). You can also try their shisha’s. It’s quite common for ladies to smoke them in Jordan, even when alone.

This place was the first of its kind back in 1997 when it opened its revolutionary concept of café cum bookstore and was, at that time, the first internet café in the Middle East. Its aim is to promote culture, peace and tolerance . No wonder that you’ll find a mixed crowd there comprised mainly of artists, intellectuals, students, gays,…some tourists too.

They are planning on opening a new outlet in Dabouq which I’m sure will be nice too but a bit off-centered for you, close to the Royal Palace where the King actually lives.


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