Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan Parc

Belgrade’s most beautiful and largest park in the Fortress

The Belgrade Fortress was built as a defensive structure on a ridge overlooking the confluence of the Sava and the Danube rivers during the period from the 2nd to the 18th century. Today the fortress is a museum of the history of Belgrade. The complex is made up of the Belgrade Fortress itself, divided into the Upper and Lower Town and the Kalemegdan Park.

Around this fortification on the hill above the Sava and Danube confluence stood, the ancient settlement of Singidunum, later to become the Slav settlement of Belgrade. The Belgrade Fortress has been demolished and rebuilt on numerous occasions.

A new era began with the Austro-Turkish War. As a key fortification at the heart of the armed conflicts of the 18th century, the Fortress was rebuilt three times. Under the Austrian occupation from 1717 to 1739, and after the construction of new modern fortifications, the Belgrade Fortress was one of the most powerful military strongholds in Europe.

Kalemegdan is today, Belgrade’s most beautiful and largest park which contains a number of monuments, sculptures, sports facilities, restaurants and cafés.

The movie « November man » with Pierce Brosnan was filmed in the Belgrade Fortress!