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Off Rainbow street (Easy to find with the map, starting in Rainbow street and taking the street just opposite to Sufra restaurant) - Al Pasha's website - Tel.: +962 6 4633002

It’s not really a luxury Turkish bath but it’s an authentic old-school style traditional bath-house used by locals. It’s a great relaxing experience.

A hot tub, herbal steam room, full body scrub and massage for about 25JD. You can add to this a facial mask, a foot scrub,… Massages are not on the soft side but they leave you incredibly invigorated and relaxed. Caution: it’s really hot inside: this might not be suitable for those with cardiac conditions.

Some piece of advice: your hair will be a total mess! Don’t go there before an important lunch or dinner. Don’t forget your shampoo/conditioner + comb/brush as they don’t provide it to you for your shower after. You can wear a bikini.

Book a place in advance and check for the time when it’s women only.



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