Natacha Rohmer – Amman

I met Natacha in Amman, through a friend we have in common in Brussels. Natacha is really the person to turn to if you want to know anything about what’s going on in the city: she’s a real information hub! She’s enthousiast, dynamic, loves style and culture,… What else? I’m thrilled she agreed to share her life as a Modern Flâneur in Amman!


Although I am proudly claiming my Grenoble (France) mountain girl identity, my dwelling spaces have been distributed between the Middle East, Central Africa, Europe, Scandinavia and the American continent. Enrichment has been gained by absorbing pieces of cultures, traditions and languages. Observing trends became a natural conclusion materialized by my profession as an architect (DPLG/ France, MNAL/ Norway). My areas of intervention since 1996 have been urban design, architecture and interior architecture. I believe in the constant research of new interpretations.

Life in Amman since 2010 has been rewarding and great development has been recorded since my arrival. I will be happy to share with you a mixture of discoveries made during my own architecture practice as well as those coming from the international trends reflecting upon Amman.