Cathy Becq – Editor

As an entrepreneur myself who has been coaching entrepreneurs in their businesses for more than 20 years, I know that we all need to take time to step back and see beyond that which is right in front of us.

I enjoy the benefits of being a flâneur. It nourishes my soul and my creativity. In my work, it’s paramount for me to be on the cutting-edge, to keep up with new market trends and be at the forefront of new concepts and thinking.

When I travel alone, I often feel a void, mostly in the evenings when there is no one to share with me the discovery of a place.

It’s my hope that in building this community and filling it with resources to connect you to one another, fuel your creativity, help you find some space to grow and allow you learn and experience the art of flânerie, that you will share in my wonder of the world around us.

Enjoy taking the time to explore here with us and out in the world.

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Valérie Barkowski – Marrakech

In life as well as at work, Valérie’s appetite for style is endless.

After developing her own brands Mia Zia and V.Barkowski described by many as endless repertoires of classics with, as central characters, the Marrakesh craftsmen and artisans, she is now developing brands for others, mostly in interior design. Her 2 latest projects Bandit Queen and No-Mad97%India won prices and awards, recognized by both Elle Deco India and Wall Paper Magazine.

Valérie is always between two planes, roaming the world to feed her creative process. You will find her most probably in Brussels, Mumbay, New York, Marrakech or Ho-Chi-Minh.

At WE Modern Flaneurs, she will share with us her discoveries from the places she visits, starting with Marrakech, a place she cherishes above all and where she developed a place summarizing all her core values, a heaven she opened up for residential stays: Dar Kawa


Mina Aksentijevic – Belgrade

Mina has more than 20 years of experience as a journalist, translator, event organiser and graphic designer. She was born is Belgrade, Serbia where she graduated in French literature and translation, University of Belgrade.
She started her journalism career writing in Rock express, Serbian musical magazine .

She is presently living in Belgium and is a correspondent for the most popular Serbian daily newspapers Danas and Politika covering all cultural events in Belgium, France, Italy, UK, The Netherlands…

She worked as an event organiser and graphic designer for several International organisations especially in Brussels.

At WE, she will share with us her thrilling encounters with musicians, writers and other artists.

Natacha Rohmer – Amman

Although I am proudly claiming my Grenoble (France) mountain girl identity, my dwelling spaces have been distributed between the Middle East, Central Africa, Europe, Scandinavia and the American continent. Enrichment has been gained by absorbing pieces of cultures, traditions and languages. Observing trends became a natural conclusion materialized by my profession as an architect (DPLG/ France, MNAL/ Norway). My areas of intervention since 1996 have been urban design, architecture and interior architecture. I believe in the constant research of new interpretations.

Life in Amman since 2010 has been rewarding and great development has been recorded since my arrival. I will be happy to share with you a mixture of discoveries made during my own architecture practice as well as those coming from the international trends reflecting upon Amman.

Daria Kholodilina

Daria Kholodilina – Tbilisi

Born in Donetsk, Ukraine, I have traveled quite a lot, working as a sports journalist for a Ukrainian online media. Also spent some time in Germany working for the German Parliament and German media (Berliner Kurier and Deutsche Welle). An internship in Izmir, Turkey, showed me that I preferred to live in a country that is more multicultural, warm, has a good cuisine, and offers me new challenges.

For now I am pretty happy in Tbilisi, Georgia: I feel at home in this city. I have an interesting job in the Georgian National Tourism Administration, and I do enjoy traveling around the country, because it has so many beautiful places and interesting things to offer. Actually that was my main reason for moving: I found my job afterwards. I also teach languages, write my own personal travel blog, update the Tbilisi page at Like a Local Guide (and now at WE Modern Flâneurs!), and try to learn something new every day.

Roza Sinaysky – Tel Aviv

Roza Sinaysky is a fashion features contributor to ELLE Russia and GQ Russia. She is a commercial and editorial stylist, and works for the Israeli newspaper Maariv and for the online magazines and Roza Sinaysky also works with Art Director Patrick Kinmonth, who collaborates with the photographer Mario Testino at Art Partner.