A photo archive shop, a slice of history


5 Tchernichovsky street - website

Zalmania or Pri-Or PhotoHouse is a photography archive shop. They sell photographs, books and postcards of old Tel Aviv and Israël.

It was established in 1940 by Rudi Weissenstein, one of the most famous photographers of Israel. He was the official photographer for the Signing of Israel’s Declaration of Independence.It is the oldest photography shop in Israël, still family owned for 3 generations.

Go even just for a browse. The pictures are amazing and part of history. You can also see the pictures of the website.

It’s located next to Oasis restaurant, on Tchernichovsky street, a nice street, by the way, for a stroll towards Dizengoff.


Photo: Rudi Weissenstein of Miriam Weissenstein in 1940.