Wild Jordan

  • Wild Jordan

A shop dedicated to Green Jordan and a café with a view


Off Rainbow street, Othman bin Afan Street Jabal Amman

Wild Jordan Café website - RSCN website

This place is dedicated to Green Jordan, in other words the conservation of biodiversity in Jordan, the preservation of the country’s natural reserves and the promotion eco-tourism.

They have a really nice shop with sustainably made products. Their café is a pleasant place for a drink or a small bite, with a view of the Citadel. They used to open the terrace upstairs where you could have dinner with a stunning view of the illuminated Citadel and the city but they have discontinued this lately for unknown reasons. Maybe they will have this again in the future, Inch Allah.

You can also book tours or stays at their eco-lodges but just keep in mind that the quality of these vary hugely from one place to the other. Two are to be recommended:

A must go if you have the time for this excursion: the Feynan Ecolodge (see our tip) and the Azraq Lodge. If you plan to see the desert Castles (see our tip), just for a drink or a bite. it’s a nice stop for a drink in Azraq or if you want to eat but then, you have to book the meal in advance because it seems that there is virtually no one going there! However, it’s the only place where you can eat Chechen food. The building is worth a visit, an old British hospital from the 1940’s, that has been really well renovated.

However, you should definitely avoid the Dead Sea Panoramic complex, also called the Mujib Chalets. It’s a pity because the location is great and the idea fantastic. But the rooms (with no ensuite shower) and the restaurant are extremely poor and poorly maintained.

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