• Wadi Gwheir, Jordan

Stunning walks in river beds


Tropical desert: 5 Malik Bn Alrayd street, off second circle.  - Tropical desert trips website

A wadi is the bed or the valley of a stream. It’s usually dry except when it rains. Then flash floods can occur (you don’t want to experience this). There are numerous wadis in Jordan. Walking a wadi offers you the fantastic opportunity to be close to nature and it’s a great way to discover another face of the country. Caution: this is quite physical. Some are doable even if you are not in athletic conditions, other require abseiling! So check carefully before booking.

The best organization in Jordan for this is Tropical Desert trips. They also organize walking tours of several days.

There are dry wadis and wet wadis: in the wet wadis, expect to be soaked through: wear appropriate gear that can be wet and protection for your camera (waterproof bags).

NEVER ever do a wadi on your own! Tracks are changing all the time. Some can be dangerous and NEVER do it during the wet season because of the risk of flash floods. Anyway, experienced guides won’t propose the trips then.

Keep me posted of your experience!


PS: the pictures give you a taste of Wadi Gwheir

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