Iconic sandwiches


Dorotheergasse 1 - website

The history of “Die unaussprechlich guten Brötchen,” which literally translates to « the unspeakably good sandwiches » dates back from 1902, when a Polish cook named Franciszek Trześniewski opened this restaurant/bar.  At noon, people are queueing for the open-faced sandwiches with a variety of spreads on the local bauernbrot or farmer’s bread (over 20 types of sandwiches on offer every day !).  Although it has now 9 locations, try the one where it all began, on Dorotheergasse in Vienna’s first district.

The best way to experience Trzesniewski is to grab a few brötchen with either a Wein Priztzer or a Pfiff!, literally « a whistle », which is equivalent  to 1/8l of beer…

Sitting is limited!