• Oplenac

A historic town in the middle of a fine wine region.

The small town of Topola is situated 80 km south of Belgrade. At one time, Topola was Serbia’s administrative and political center. Karadjordje Petrovic chose Topola as his base for freeing Serbia from the Ottomans in 1804. Karadjordje’s residence was turned into a museum, which displays his personal belongings and weaponry from that period. Perched high above Topola on Oplenac Hill, the Karadjordjević family mausoleum and the St. George Church (Crkva Sv, Djordja) complex is one of the most historic sites in this part of Serbia (Šumadija). The church features five spectacular domes and a white marble exterior. Prince Alexander and King Alexander the First are also buried here. A stroll through the park, which is under state protection, is a must!

Activities. This region is synonymous with good grapes and fine wine. According to historical data, the vineyards here produced such plentiful harvests during Prince Milos’ time that there was not enough space to store the grapes. The hills of Topola abound with fruit, medicinal herbs and edible mushrooms. You will find one of Sumadija’s oldest oaks in the village of Lipovac. The tree has inspired local artists to found the Lipovacka Painting Arts Colony.