The Albertina

One of the biggest graphic arts collections in the world


Albertinaplatz 1 - website

Named after Duke Albert of Saxe-Teschen (1738-1822), a son-in-law of Austrian Empress Maria Theresa, it was actually built in 1744.

It hosts one of the biggest graphic arts collections in the world, ranging from the Late Gothic era to the present times. One of the crown jewel is the Hare of Albrecht Dürer, painted in 1502, exhibited when I went, hence the drawing on the stairs.

It’s a very elegant palace that you can visit and the 21 Habsburg state rooms are open to the public.

It also hosts remarkable temporary exhibitions. When I visited, there was a fantastic exhibition of the works of the American painter & sculptor Eric Fischl.

There seemed to be a nice restaurant in the museum but it was under renovation when I was there.

This is definitely a place to add on your « to do » list.