Sulphuric Traditional Georgian Bath

This is the legendary bathhouse district.

It’s the perfect place to relax and unwind. The bath’s water have natural healing elements as it comes straight from the mountains’ hot springs that was discovered in 5th Century by King Vahtang and documented in 10th Century by Arab geographer Abu Dulaf.

The bathhouses are located below ground level with only dome-like roofs visible on the surface. Only Orbeliani bathhouse is above-ground, its blue-tile mosaic facade giving a Central Asian feel.

These are public baths. So nothing luxurious about them and they are communal meaning that everybody will be naked (though women and men are obviously separated). If you don’t feel like sharing this moment with others, individual baths can be rented on hourly bases with sauna and steam rooms.


When in the bath ask for a scrub and massage.

Also, order traditional Georgian jam made of green walnuts, as it has relaxing and calming effect.

Bring your own towel and beach sandals, though these can be hired for a small fee. You should also bring your own shower gel or soap. The sulfates in the water cause rapid oxidization of metals so take care to remove jewelry.


Recommended by Katrina Yakusheva

Pictures by Martijn Munneke and Julien Pauthier.