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If there was only one restaurant in Amman…


16 Rainbow Street, Jabal Amman - Sufra Facebook page

This place has a soul!

If you have the time for just one restaurant; this is it.

It’s my favourite restaurant when it comes to eating Middle Eastern cuisine in Amman. It has in all: food, atmosphere and service.

The venue is fantastic, set in one of the last old Ammani house open to the public. The atmosphere is authentic and takes you back in times. No oriental overload, no bling. And the food is perfect. Be careful though: the portions tend to be huge and as the food is kind of heavy…

The Jordanian national plate is mansaf, lamb cooked in a sauce of fermented dried yogurt, served with rice. If you like hummus, try the hummus billahmeh, from their hot mezza (though it’s not really hot, just the meat in the middle is lukewarm). I just love it.

And don’t forget to finish with a “white coffee” or ahwah baida. No coffee at all is here involved! Just a splash of orange blossom water stirred into a cup of boiling water.

Some like it a lot (that’s my case), some hate it saying that it tastes just like soap! It’s for you to decide! Service is perfect.

For me, undoubtedly, the best restaurant in Amman.



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