• Silsal Design House

Iconic pottery pieces


8 Khlaif Al S Haimat street (near 5th circle) - website

Set in a lovely 1950’s house, they make the finest pieces of pottery you’ll find in Jordan and, almost surely in the whole Middle East. Inspired by Arabic heritage but with a twist and contemporary aesthetics. They make artistic pieces or everyday dishware and have recently expanded their range to furniture. Perfect if you want to take home a beautiful piece of Jordan.

For the items with Arabic calligraphy, ask for the translation, they will then give you a card with the meaning: nice to add to the gift or as souvenir.

Their atelier is on site. Read our interview of Reem Habayeb for the history of this iconic Jordanian House and, the interview of Samar Habayeb, Reem’s daughter, now located in Dubai for the future strategy of the brand.

2016 update: Silsal just closed the shop in Amman. They will soon have distributors for their new range. We will keep you posted on this. Meanwhile you can order online or, if you pass by Dubai, visit their new location in Dubai Design District.

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