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Dodgy getting hype and arty

Redfern is another up-and-coming neighbourhood that’s turning its traditional rough reputation on its head.

The area quickly gentrifying, evolving thanks to an influx of art galleries, cool eateries and other interesting concepts settling in to Redfern and adjoining Waterloo.

This are the ones that grabbed my attention:

107 projects: 107 Redfern St.

This place was created in 2011 by seven artists who only used the place for their own projects, then quickly morphed into the cultural hub of Redfern by hosting exhibitions, music performances and workshops.

Be sure you check what’s on when you’re in town.

107 projects Redfern Sydney 107 projects Redfern Sydney

The Martian Embassy: 176 Redfern St.

I absolutely fell in love with the concept. I was first attracted by the name and the quirky decor of this boutique which sells a wide range of science-fiction inspired paraphernalia. Then I discovered that this was just the façade for the shop’s much larger ambition which is to educate young people in the art of creative writing. They mainly focus on marginalised students, and those from Indigenous and non-English speaking backgrounds. The boutique is the retail arm of the Sydney Story Factory. They had to pick a theme and when for outer space! Brilliant!

The Martian Embassy Sydney The Martian Embassy Sydney The Martian Embassy SydneyThe Martian Embassy Sydney

The Australian Technology Park: Locomotive St, Eveleigh

Interested in industrial archeology? Then go to the old premises of the former Eveleigh Railway Workshops, the place where locomotives where manufactured and maintained until 1989. In 1991, Sydney’s main universities decided to regenerate site by turning it into a technology and innovation hub. You can visit the old workshops and learn what it was like to be a blacksmith. Sign up for one of their »become a blacksmith » trainings!

Australian technology park sydney Australian technology park sydney Australian technology park sydneyAustralian technology park sydney Australian technology park sydney


Waterloo is, not far away from Redfern, but skip a stroll through some dicey neighbourhoods and instead hop a convenient bus to get there.

The most interesting spot in Waterloo is 2 Dankse street, a complex filled with art galleries (8+) featuring international and Australian (including aboriginal) artists.
2 Danske street Waterloo Sydney2 Danske street Waterloo Sydney

The street may also appeal to those interested in interior design and foodies.

Just opposite the art complex is the French house where you can revel on French patisserie in a Parisian (or is it New Orleans?) decor.

Boulangerie Danske street Sydney Boulangerie Danske street Sydney Boulangerie Danske street Sydney

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