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  • Hotel QT Sydney

An extravagant hotel in the CBD

What’s the story behind Hotel QT ?

In short, QT is an extravagant hotel. At first you feel a bit hesitant, you think you’re at the wrong address – but, no, it’s not a theatre showcasing some burlesque show.

You’ll be greeted on arrival by the

“Director of Chaos”,dressed up in a SM way. It’s a bit of a hint of the cacophonic hotel design that awaits you; everything here will surprise you!

You enter through a very dark bar, where glass-encased dolls (human size) dressed in flamboyant outfits perch between the tables.

Next, hop into the lift that leads to the first floor lobby.The music that plays once you get inside varies according to the number of guests. Solo travellers get cheesy ballads on loneliness (“Are you lonesome tonight?”), couples, of course, get love songs, and larger groups enjoy party tunes..

The lobby itself is an eclectic mix of styles with reference to fashion, art (some nice video installations) and cinema; blending vintage (there’s a wall made of old luggage) to pop references.

If you don’t stay there (a night is from AUD420), their stylish bar and brasserie restaurant can be an excellent option to experience the madness.

To sum it up, it’s definitely not your plain vanilla 5-star hotel. It’s fun, vibrant and, at the same time, posh, attracting a fashionable crowd. It will absolutely recharge your battery after a long business day.

Note that it’s very well located in the centre of the CBD.


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