Transports and Hospital


Marrakech has a very eclectic transport system. Public transport is very “confidential” and mainly used by Moroccan local people. As a tourist, when you reach the Marrakech airport the best option is to book a transfer via the place where you will stay. This will avoid you endless bargains with taxi drivers.

During your stay, the best transport is with the “petit taxi”, always ask to switch on the meter, otherwise you can be charged 5 times the local price, sometimes even more… Avoid to get in a taxi at touristic places like Majorelle. Walk a bit and take a taxi in a nearby street, this will also help you not being cheated.

In the medina and the new city, you will walk. However, you’ll need transport to go from one place to the other. When it is not too hot, it is easy and pleasant to walk as well.

There is also a « taxi vert system » in Marrakech but it works better in the new city than in the medina. You can call your cab at the following number 05 24 40 94 94



Polyclinique du Sud – 2 Rue de Yougoslavie located in Guéliz. Phone: +212524447619