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(Beware: there are 2 Mövenpick hotels in Petra. Do not take the Mövenpick Nabatean Castle as it is quite far from the site)

Magical. There are no words to describe the place.

It takes 3.5 hours to go to Petra from Amman. And the site is huge: the classic visit takes a full day. Some even stay several days as there are various trails you can follow.

Start your visit early in the morning: the site opens at 6 am. Start no later than 8am.

Go all the way to the Deir (or the Monastery). It’s the last part, located at the very end of the site. The journey can be testing (there are so many stairs!) but it’s so worth it! The views from the Deir are breathtaking! If you’re not afraid, you can use donkeys: negotiate the price before you leave and don’t pay before. Make sure they bring you all the way up. I don’t recommend taking donkeys for the way down though… And be careful when you walk the stairs, the donkeys are quite fast. Start the ascend no later than 1 pm as it takes 2 hours (the whole journey), and you will have to exit the site through the entrance (there is no other exit). The site closes at 4 pm in winter and 6 pm in summer.

You will be able to buy drinks inside the site. There are also dining options there and toilet facilities.

Drink a lot, wear comfy shoes, take your sun lotion and a hat!

You can also visit Petra by night. Though walking in the site lit only by candle light is kind of magical, you won’t go further than the Treasury, at the end of the Siq. It’s packed with people (which takes away a lot of the magic) and, once you arrive at the Treasury, you will listen to a performance of a Bedouin playing a traditional music instrument. The façade of the Treasury is not illuminated. I have mixed feelings about this one.

As far as the lodging is concerned, choose the Mövenpick Resort Petra: it’s perfectly located, almost at the gate of the site. You could not get closer. They have several restaurants (one on the roof top in summer: book in advance), a great pool, a hamman and a nice bar. They offer a fantastic breakfast buffet in the morning to help you get set for the visit.

In the rooms, you will have the Trinitae amenities (see our tip).



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