• Newtown Sydney

Bohemian close to Sydney University

It’s probably because of its proximity with Sydney University that this former working class suburb has gained its bohemian and arty vibe. Get off at Newtown station and walk along King Street.

There are eateries, cafés and shops with interesting concepts.

Here are the ones that grabbed my attention (leaving the train station and making a left on King Street):

The Social Outfit: 353 King St.

This is another Melbourne social venture with an off-spring in Newtown. The mission of this ethical fashion brand is to empower refugees and new migrant communities by offering them training and employment in various fashion jobs from production to retail and marketing.
The Social Outfit SydneyThe Social Outfit Sydney The Social Outfit Sydney

Lentil as anything: 391 King St.

At first glance, it’s a hip, vegetarian restaurant with an arty vibe. Look closer, and it’s much more . This non-for-profit organization is founded on a quite remarkable concept; a « pay-as-you-feel » formula, meaning that patrons pay what they feel the food is worth. No wonder  \the place is always packed! The owners’ philosophy isto give people an opportunity to dine out and be social regardless of their financial situation, a business model made possible thanks to an army of volunteer workers.  The concept was born in Melbourne but it’s got an offshoot in Sydney in Newtown.

Lentils as anything sydney Lentils as anything sydney Lentils as anything sydney

Repressed records: 413 King St.

A great place for music and book freaks. Inside, you’ll find vinyl, CD’s, cassettes, T shirts and books ranging from Marilyn Manson’s bio to Jane Austen’s Persuasion. Cool mix. They are also know to be the home of Australian independent music specialising in DIY, punk, alternative and, as they say « whatever is good that deserves to be heard ».

Repressed records sydney

Leo Monk: 417 King St.

Established in 2001, this shop sells handbags, shoes and other leather goods , all handmade on the premises. The brand is characterized by its wide range colors and always-original design. You can also customize the models on display. Their sandals are quite cute (have I already told you I was addicted to shoes?)!

Leo Monk Sydney

Dresden: 417A King St.

An eyewear shop. But not any type of eyewear: design, affordable and focusing on sustainability. I interviewed one of the co-founders, Prue Ivers. Read it for in-depth details about the concept of this Sydney startup;

Dresden Optics Sydney Dresden Optics Sydney Dresden Optics Sydney

And if these aren’t enough, the entire street is dotted with many op shops (charity shops, second-hand shops). to compete for your attention and shopping budget!

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