Mraz & sohn

When food becomes art…


Wallensteinstraße 59 - website

If you want to treat yourself, you’ve found the right place. This is a symphony for your tastebuds and for your eyes. The flavours are exquisite and each plate is a discovery. Anyway, there’s no real “à la carte”: you have 2 choices of menu and you let the chef take you to wonderland. The dishes are beautifully laid out on the delicate crockery. Definitely upscale cuisine. And yes, as in every gastronomic restaurant, it’s a great place to go when accompanied. But actually, some patrons were alone when I went… And in fact, you hardly speak while eating, because what is being served is so amazing, that you spend all the time tasting, enjoying and trying to find out what the secret ingredients are.

It’s just heaven !

Small restaurant, not really in the center (take a taxi) but surely one to discover.

You have to book in advance.


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