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A design gastronomic restaurant.


Ha-Arba'a 19, Millennium Towers – website

Chef Aviv Moshe started this gastronomic restaurant in 2004. Since then it has only garnered rave reviews. The setting is “Starck”-ish with two very long communal tables in the centre, which is great when you’re alone. But if you are with a group, there are also smaller tables on the side.

While the restaurant is all white, the bar is very black and …very trendy. It’s sometimes hard to find a place! This restaurant is THE place where celebrities like Pink, Roberto Cavali, Tony Blair and… Jean-Claude Van Damme go when in Tel Aviv. I suspect that Mr. Sarkozy must have dined there: there’s a desert called after his name!

The foie gras dishes are fantastic. I love this restaurant.

Non-kosher restaurant.




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