Lorenzo & Kakalamba

  • Lorenzo & Kakalamba

A unique fusion cuisine based on the merge of Florentine and South of Serbian flavours


110 Cvijiceva street - Lorenzo & Kakalamba website

“Lorenzo & Kakalamba” is an original space based on the merge of Florence and Pirot (small town in the South of Serbia). The whole idea came from one simple and sincere promise of a caring husband to his beloved wife at the beginning of their marriage: “Honey, I can promise you one thing: You will never be hungry!” The impressive amateur venture of this gourmand enthusiast got its shocking outcome which will surely not leave you indifferent. You will find your way to one of the unusual chairs and order some of the divine specialties from the Florentine or Pirot cuisines. Once you satisfy your gourmet appetite you will notice a multitude of interesting details, from a goat peacefully grazing grass on the ceiling, to the comic reproductions of the famous Florentine sculptures and fantastic paintings of the famous Botero.