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the great contender of La Petite Maison


Vida Downtown hotel - Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard,Downtown Dubai - La Serre website

La Serre is one of the restaurants of the trendy Vida Downton Dubai hotel. It’s been created by Chef Izu Anu, the former Chef of La Petite Maison.

It comprises the “bistro” upstairs and the “boulangerie” downstairs, next to the pool.

Both deliver great food. The bistro, with its Parian brasserie feel, is more posh, the boulangerie, more casual though I also saw power lunches there. It depends what tone you want to give to the meeting.

The boulangerie is of course open from 6.30 until late in the evening. They have beautiful baguettes, breads of all type and viennoiseries.

The atmosphere is very serene, all in white, and the bistro is lodged into a fantastic glass cube, which gives it a fabulous look in the evening.

Pictures from the Vida Downtown Dubai hotel website

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