Gabriadze Theatre and Café

  • Gabriadze at LINCOLN CENTER FESTIVAL 2010

An iconic puppet theatre and a café

Rezo Gabriadze is a well-known film director, playwright, writer, painter and sculptor AND he is also the Head of the Marionettes Theatre!

This kind of puppet theatre is more for adults as they performed stories like La Traviata, the Battle of Stalingrad,… The plays are generally understandable by everyone as there are English subtitles provided.

It is really a Tbilisi must-see, recognized around the world as the company has toured in cities like New York, London, Paris,…

Before or after the performance, you can enjoy the Café Gabriadze, each detail of which is also designed by Rezo Gabriadze. It’s located in the same building as the theater. Food there is Georgian: you can get some rare dishes, ones you might not find in typical Georgian restaurant.

There is another particularity you should know: every hour during daytime an angel appears at the clock tower near the café and theatre, and rings the bell. At 12 AM there is also a small marionette performance.


Pictures from Gabriadze’s website and Stephanie Berger