Comme il faut

If only one boutique in Tel Aviv…


Hangar 26 on Tel Aviv Port - website

Carol Godin and Sybil Goldfinger launched “Comme il Faut” (translated into English, it goes: “as it should be”) in 1988. Since then, it has become one of the most respected fashion houses in Israel and a success story with several point of sales.

Their aim is to help women feel comfortable in their body and themselves. Hence a holistic approach featured in their concept store on the Tel Aviv Port.

Beside their own brand, they stock clothes, accessories, jewels and decoration objects from other Israeli designers, on a shop-in-the-shop concept. They also have a restaurant, a spa (see tip “Coola spa”) and exhibit art works.

If you only have the time for one shop, choose this one. And, bonus, it’s on Tel Aviv Port: a great place to walk and lunch!



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