Christian Astuguevieille

  • Christian Astuguevieille Paris

an exuberant artist


42 Galerie Vivienne, 75002 -Métro Bourse, Pyramides or Palais Royal-musée du Louvre - Christian Astuguevieille's Facebook page

Set in the shabby-chic romance of Galerie Vivienne (near the Palais Royal), Christian Astuguevieille’s combination boutique and workshop is mesmerizing.

Astuguevieille served as artistic director for  Molinard, and later Rochas, and he employs all forms of media in his sensual works.

He’s the one behind the concept of Comme des Garçons’ perfumes for Rei Kawakubo, such as the controversial anti-perfume, Odeur 71, which conjured up the scent of photocopy machines.

He also creates furniture, sculpture and jewelry, mixing tribal and contemporary, always with a dollop of exuberance.

Seek out his creations made of hemp rope or painted cotton cord, his signature objects.


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