Badr Adduja

  • Badr Addouja Amman

Crafts by Jordanian artist May Khoury


Abu Tammam Street 15, Jabal Amman, 2nd Circle - website

The award-winning Jordanian artist May Khoury opened her shop in 1999. May is passionate about heritage and she’s been collecting items for decades, being rare textiles, wood pieces, brass, jewels,… to preserve Arab folklore and history. From her incredible collection of items from Jordan, Turkey, Yemen, Iran, Uzbekistan…, she draws inspiration to create her own pieces, some of which having earned her distinctions. Her artistic approach is based on upcycling: she uses heritage pieces that she then tweaks to give a modern feel. At May Khoury’s, every piece tells a story about heritage or history. For instance, the Qadem Hooks console, which won a A’ design silver award in 2013 is made of painted green old hooks, which were used together with the Qadem (an old wooden mule’s saddle back) for transporting wheat from one village to another. The hooks are attached to an old wheat thresher board, used to crush the wheat, to form the base of the console.

A must-see shop.


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