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Eau de Cologne revisited



  •  8 Rue Saint-Florentin, 75001
  • 15 Rue Debelleyme, 75003

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Cologne, which originated in the German city of Köln (or Cologne in French), seems to be back in favour these days.

Atelier Cologne is a French brand completely focused on the category of scent known as cologne.

The owners – a couple – even created an entirely new fragrance category: the “cologne absolue,” which allies the richness of an eau de parfum with the airy freshness of citrus cologne. They blend ingredients including rose, patchouli, and amber to create light scents that you can wear very easily. I am particularly fond of their creation called “Sur les toits de Paris”, a composition with dominant overtones of violet.

They offer a leather case for the 30 ml travel spray, available in an array of beautiful colours that can be custom monogrammed – you may even choose the typeface! Although I find the bottle design a bit ordinary, the scents they contain are gorgeous.

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