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Dubai’s best art galleries in an industrial setting


Alserkal Avenue Arts and Cultural District, Exit 43 off Sheikh Zayed, Street 8, Al Quoz 1 - Alserkal avenue website

Tucked away in the Al Quoz industrial neighboorhood is Alserkal Avenue, Dubbed « the Middle East hippest enclave » by the Huffington post.

This is absolutely not what you expect from Dubai and it’s a really pleasant surprise and one more proof that the city is longing to redefine itself.

Since 2007, art galleries have settled in this dusty warehouse complex made of mechanical and industrial servicing workshops.

Currently, there are twenty creative and arts spaces and the Salsali Private Museum, the premier museum of Contemporary art in the MENA region.

So don’t be afraid when the taxi driver dives into that seemingly dodgy area; it’s all good. Just be sure to specify the address below because Al Quoz is huge.

Don’t be afraid that you won’t get a taxi afterwards : galleries can call one for you.

The best galleries are:

Alserkal Avenue is constantly expanding.

There are also two shops worth mentioning:

And, if you’re looking for a place to eat, head to Tom & Serg (see our tip). It’s very close by but unfortunately not inside the Alserkal compound so you’ll either have to walk (about 12 minutes) or take a taxi if the weather is too hot.

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