A whole New Mind

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Six essential abilities we should hone if we want to be successful in the future.


What the book is about

We have shifted from the information age to the conceptual age.

We need to understand that this new world requires new aptitudes in order to thrive and that only making brilliant studies in law or engineering might not be enough.

The book begins with an overview of the broad forces in the economy that have (and will continue to) influence the way we do business.

Author Daniel Pink then points out six essential abilities we should hone if we want to be successful in the future. These are: design, storytelling, symphonic thinking, empathy, play and meaning.

The book reads like a charm, which makes it a great book to give to teenagers who are struggling to find their paths!

It is guaranteed to blow your mind!


The author

Daniel Pink is an American best-selling author of super insightful and compelling books on management and business. He is a visionary.

I’m not sure there’s more need for an introduction…


What I particularly liked about the book

The subtitle: « why right-brainers will rule the future » caught my eyes and made me buy the book.

All my life I’ve been bathed in a left-brainer environment, following very left-brainer’s academic path and career.

Most of the business world and business mechanisms like recruiting are focused on the left side of the brain, meaning there is not so much place for people playing outside of the rules.

I have always felt that this vision was incomplete and thought we have so much to learn from thinking outside of the box and exchanging ideas with creative people.

We really need to master other skills if we want to make a difference.

Creativity leads to innovation, which gives your business an edge because you don’t do what other people do. Simple.

Now this book nails it: there’s no future without right-brainers and all the pure left-brainers on earth should wake up to that reality soon.

What is great about the book is its hands-on approach. It not only it tells you what you should focus on in the future but, bonus, it gives you recipes to help you train your right-brain!

I really enjoyed every bit of this book. You should see how the cover is torn!!


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