Daria Kholodilina – Tbilisi

  • Daria Kholodilina

Daria is a fiery young woman who left her beloved Ukraine for the beauties of Georgia. I got to know her through her contribution on “Like a local”. In WE, she will share with us her most stylish addresses, showing how the country is interestingly evolving. This is her short bio.


Daria's blog

Born in Donetsk, Ukraine, I have traveled quite a lot, working as a sports journalist for a Ukrainian online media. Also spent some time in Germany working for the German Parliament and German media (Berliner Kurier and Deutsche Welle). An internship in Izmir, Turkey, showed me that I preferred to live in a country that is more multicultural, warm, has a good cuisine, and offers me new challenges.

For now I am pretty happy in Tbilisi, Georgia: I feel at home in this city. I have an interesting job in the Georgian National Tourism Administration, and I do enjoy traveling around the country, because it has so many beautiful places and interesting things to offer. Actually that was my main reason for moving: I found my job afterwards. I also teach languages, write my own personal travel blog, update the Tbilisi page at Like a Local Guide (and now at WE Modern Flâneurs!), and try to learn something new every day.