I’ve recently spent a couple of days in Adelaide and thought it would be nice to share with you my flaneuring into the city even though I don’t pretend to « know » the place after such a short stay.

So consider this a sort of Mini Flâneur Guide.

I hope the few addresses you’ll find here will be helpful to you if you are planning a short stay in Adelaide. My tips aim to help you get straight to “the point” of the town and still manage a couple of hours of Flâneur time for yourself.

My first impression of the city is of a Southern Belle, a sleeping beauty in a very green setting.

The city is rather small and quiet compared to the hustle and bustle of cities like Melbourne or Sydney. I describe it as « sleeping » although some interesting concepts are emerging, as if the old city is waking up refreshed.. It even tries to adopt the Melbournian style laneways, with street art popping up in unexpected places.

Adelaide is home of the University of …Adelaide, one of Australia’s top research institutions. Expect it to be young and lively, but, I visited during the summer holidays month of January, and the city was a bit (too) empty.

Architecturally impressive buildings conjure up Adelaide’s colonial past, and the city is surrounded by splendid hills and vineyards. Think of the Adelaide Hills, Mc Laren Vale and further the Barossa and Clare Valley. There are many parks, lush trees and an interesting botanical garden on the edge of the CBD, next to the Adelaide University and the museums.

All the interesting spots to see are quite close to one another making it easy for the hurried visitor to get a quick feel of the city.

Adelaide has got a provincial ambience but its well preserved heritage is charming.

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