Jay’s has maintained one of the worst inspection records among

I don spend much time at the Pagado, however the times I been there when the crowd is relatively large I always find that once you get to front left area by the speakers there is plenty of room. Even if when coming in the crowd seems to be packed, usually it thins out up… View Article


I don spend much time at the Pagado, however the times I been there when the crowd is relatively large I always find that once you get to front left area by the speakers there is plenty of room. Even if when coming in the crowd seems to be packed, usually it thins out up there and vibes are great. I honestly believe this is somewhat of Replica Hermes Bags a universal law at all the stages.

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Hermes Handbags « They wait until the last minute to put the reds on and you have to slam on your brakes. »In addition to Jay’s eye popping rate of crashes, an NJ Advance Media review of public records, state transportation data and hundreds of court documents revealed further issues with Jay’s drivers, bus inspections, and traffic and safety violations.Several Jay’s drivers have been charged with serious violations, including one who was caught driving drunk with a bus full of children and another who was charged with DWI after slamming into a parked car while high on oxycodone.Jay’s has maintained one of the worst inspection records among large bus companies in New Jersey, failing more than three quarters of its inspections, state data showed. Mechanics say the buses are full of old, broken parts. Inspection records revealed the company has been cited several dozen times for leaks and bald tires.In addition, Jay’s drivers have racked up hundreds of traffic tickets in the past 10 years, including 14 for careless driving, 15 for delaying traffic and eight for using their phone while driving, according to court records obtained by NJ Advance Media and matched to two years of Jay’s rosters Hermes Handbags.